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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dr.Sudhir Ajja’s Birthday Bash

It was Friday 3 June, 2011, Dr Sudhir Ajja’s 35th  B’ Day. Everyone in SurrogacyIndia had planned surprise party for him. Preparation for the same got started three days backs itself. We were continuously thinking how to surprise him, what present should we give, and above all how to welcome him... hmmm lot of thinking....  

Everyone were scratching their head, but still we were not able to finalize any present for him. We thought of buying some gadgets but then as we realized that he is such a gadget freak, he will be having possible all gadgets with him, so we had to drop the idea. Finally we had to look at Dr. Yash for her help. We finally got some good idea of what we could look for him. 

It all started with lots of balloons spread across the floor in the office. He was welcomed into the office midst lots of balloons. The moment he entered he got surprised. Looking at the balloons he got in a playful mood. He decided to play with the balloons, (ie. not even a single balloon should be lying down on the floor and all of us were part of it)

We then started pouring with lovely cards that we all got for him. Each of us went separately and kept him busy with us and not work (for a change). We would had loved to have a table like him (it was full of chocolates).  

Our small surprises kept him happy and smiling (big one). Some gave chocolates, some gave personalized gifts, some gave beautiful table pieces.

Wow, now finally, the cake cutting time came (yyyuummmyyy....) . He cut the cake, enjoyed it .. and man didn't we enjoy it (heeeee.....)  

He started checking out all his gifts. We could figure out from his beautiful smile that he loved the gifts given to him.  

Then he decided to give us a break and he took us out for a lunch to a restaurant. The day ended up with bursting all the balloons lying on the floor.

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Tandoori Viking said...

Sorry, I didn't know you had your big day so reasently! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lots of love from Jennifer, Agne and Anu