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Friday, November 30, 2012

Australian Clients with their baby girl

Australian Clients came  alongwith their baby girl to convey thanks to their Surrogate Mother, Dr. Yashodhara, Dr. Sudhir and the entire team of SI for giving them an incredible gift of their life (Baby Girl).

Baby Boy from USA

A baby boy born on 29th November, 2012 brought tears and smile to his parents and elder sister. 

Congratulations to the parents and sister & best wishes to the baby boy.

Team SI

Message from our Intended Parents

Dear Readers,

Below is a beautiful message from our Intended Parents from Portugal.

We want to wish you all a very happy SI anniversary!

For an enterprise whose purpose is to make people happy, you deserve all the happiness that you can get!
And now that you completed half a decade, we wish you can continue for many more decades with your fantastic mission!
Its always a pleasure to receive beautiful messages from our Intended Parents.


Team SI

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrating 5 years of Success

For Dr. Sudhir Ajja and for Dr. Yashodhara Mhatre it seems as if it’s just yesterday that they have started SurrogacyIndia services. They couldn't believe that its been 5 years.

SurrogacyIndia has successfully completed 5 years of services not only bringing smile on the Intended Parents for having their own child but also helping the surrogate mothers to live a better life.

To celebrate this very occasion we have invited all our lovely intended parents who were more than happy to join us at the venue - Global Fusion, Bandra, it was a splendid venue with shades of gold with exceptionally tall ceilings, tranquil water bodies and refreshing potted plants.

We had a double celebration as it was Dr. Yashodhara Mhatre’s Birthday as well, who was beautifully dressed up and had a wonderful smile on her face as always while cutting the cake. We all sang "Happy Birthday"for her and had a yummy cake.

There were delicious food everything from starters to the main course to the desserts.

We would like to thank all our lovely couples, surrogate mothers and of course not to forget our little babies those who have helped and supported us for all these years.

SI Team has worked to develop strong and positive relationships with the Intended Parents and will continue working in the same manner.

SurrogacyIndia is recognized in the world and this is one of the best accomplishments. 

Team SI

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Boy

Congratulations to the proud parents from Norway who were blessed with a cute baby boy Lyder

Friday, November 23, 2012


Dear Readers, 

5 years ago on this day of 27th November, 2007, SurrogacyIndia's foundation was laid.

It seems just yesterday when we started this journey. 

Thank you to all our dear couples who have delivered with us and will be delivering with us in the future for helping us build families from this very foundation. It could have never been or will be possible without you. 

5 years, 200+ babies, 400+ cycles, journey continues…..

This day also coincides with Dr Yashodhara's birthday (no awards for guessing why).
To celebrate this very occasion, "Wood Anniversary", Dr Sudhir, Dr Yashodhara and Team SI invites you all for a small get-together with other couples in Mumbai.

We would like to request all our SI couples from across the globe to join in for this celebration.

Girls are requested to dress up in PINK and boys in BLUE.
It’s a casual lunch so dress the way you like!

We would be very happy to see you for lunch. Details are given below.

Fusion, Indian, Chinese, East Asian, Japanese and Pan Asian.

3rd Floor, Link Square Mall,
Linking Road, Bandra (West)

Mr. Bhutia (Restaurant Manager)


Tuesday 27th November @ 1230 hrs onwards.

Your family members in town are most welcome!

RSVP ON : Ms. Sheeja-; (+91) 9967377407 

Team SI

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baby Girls

Australian Baby Girl
Here is our cute little baby Girl (Jacqueline) who was born on 21st November, 2012.


Indian Baby Girls 
Here are our two little angels (Anoushka & Anusha)  who were also born on 21st November, 2012

Congratulations to the parents.

Team SI

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Message from our Swedish couple!

We have received so much help from you. You have been by our side throughout the process - from the first time we made contact two years ago, until now. For that we are very grateful. From the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU!

A yummy cake and a beautiful bouquet were sent by them as a small token of appreciation.
SI Team wishes all the best to the couple and lots of love to their baby boy who was born on 9th January, 2012.

Fun Time for SI Babies Shoshana and Benjamin

Shoshana and Benjamin having fun with Dr. Yashodhara,Dr.Sudhir and with their little baby brother Isaac.

Norwegian Baby Boy

SI warmly welcome the arrival of a baby boy, who was born on 16th November to a Norwegian couple.

Congratulation to the parents and brother.

Team SI

Diwali Rangoli Design with Flowers at SI

This is in continuation with the Diwali decoration at SI Office. The Team has made a beautiful rangoli with flowers on the doorstep of the office to welcome people coming inside and for God-Goddesses who shower their kind blessings. 

The rangoli looks very bright, attractive and eye catching. It has been passed down through generations depicting important characteristics of a family and symbolizes the historic tale of the battle of good, Rama, over evil, Ravan.

Team SI

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Diwali Decoration at SI

Diwali - the festival of light is regarded as one of the most important and glamorous festival among all of the festivals celebrated in India. Diwali gives us one more opportunity to have fun in the office.
All the team members including Dr. Yashodhara and Dr. Sudhir participated with great enthusiasm in decorating the office with beautiful vibrant flowers, diyas, , electronic lights to live up to the vibrant mood of Diwali. 

Decorating the office turned out to be really great.

We wish all our readers Happy Diwali and would like to inform you that our office will remain closed on 13th and 15th November, 2012 hence reply to the mails will get delayed for one week.

Team SI