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Monday, June 20, 2011

Surrogate made felt special in simple yet beautiful way

For Surrogate Mother ( SM) R. it was a special day but there was nothing special happening with her.Until she started receiving some beautiful flowers and a lovely cake from her Intended Parent. We must say she was so happy to get this surprise. Then she cut the cake, enjoyed it and shared it with other surrogates. It was good to see her so happy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some of the Moments Captured and Cherished

As we mentioned that we had a blast here we will be sharing the moments we had with each other.
As everyone came in White & Blue, everyone were looking very good. After the cake cutting session we thought of having some good photo sessions. We started with a group photos. Then we started taking photos in different poses.  That day just continued with the photo sessions and the celebrations.

My Story - Dr. Yash

The anguish of not getting something we want, is a feeling we are all familiar with since our childhood. But the anguish of not having a child is the severest of all. This is the strongest desire in mankind and gives the greatest sense of failure if unfulfilled.
We as fertility physicians study and research for years as to the best treatment options for the rapidly growing population of couples unable to be parents.This helps us make half our patients parents but the challenge to us is keeping the hopes of the other half going. 

Our Support Group was developed to help and support each other and let couples know that they are not alone! 

When i was trying to have a baby 12 years ago, Infertility was not a socially discussed issue. Most of us didn't even tell our moms about this. The depressions were severe and the loneliness tremendous. Every time the cycle failed the days and nights merged in one big blur and my tears soaked my pillows. Still I was unable to openly discuss this emotional upsets with even my closest friends or my sisters. This flamed my desire to be a fertility physician and now to be a part of our online support group.
Don't lose hope for after 4 years of trying and 7 cycles later,today i have a 11 year old princess! 

Dr Yash

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebration being continued....

We had such wonderful celebrations yesterday.

We started with blowing up balloons, decorating with sparkles, got a beautiful cake as 100...

We all decided the night before (at 1o pm) that we will wear nice white and blue. A complete one team, SI as always when it comes to any work.
We enjoyed the cake, had nice champagne, and ate lots of cake.We shared the cake with beautiful Surrogate Mothers, as we all know that they play an important role.

We had a small photo shoot session. later we all sat down and shared the beautiful moments that we spent with all our parents and the little bubs. It was heart warming and nice. We really love you all for being there always.  

We could have never reached to what we have achieved today.
Please check out our lovely pics of celebrations...

SurrogacyIndia made 100 Babies possible on 14 June, 2011

It was a moment of pride and happiness at SurrogacyIndia!

We completed our 100 babies yesterday, 14th June '2011. We all have been eagerly waiting for this beautiful milestone.

It was a surprise to our Intended Parents, who were extremely happy and were feeling lucky that it was their baby who made the milestone.

And not to mention, Adriano and Matthew were extremely sad that they missed their chance with twins. Actually his babies were scheduled as per dates, but then looks like the babies couldn't wait any longer.  

The moment we all came to know about the delivery everyone at the SI office started preparing for the celebration. The joy and the happiness is still continued in the office.....

Keep following us, as soon we will be putting more pics and videos of our celebration :-)

                                                                                                                      Team SI...

100th baby born


Monday, June 13, 2011

Surrogate Mother Care Taker’s life at SurrogacyIndia

Care Takers play a vital role in providing Surrogate Mother’s to SurrogacyIndia. Caretakers are actually the source for SM to reach or to be part of SI.  

As this concept is still not aware fully to everyone in India, it is very necessary that the Care Takers them selves are much aware of the legal, ethical and financial responsibilities. They thus are educated at our office by both doctors, the legal team, psychologist, and our accounts team. They are made to understand that what they are doing is in favour of motherhood.  We promote a lot of surrogate mother who have delivered to become care takers. Not to mention that they are much more aware of the responsibilities that SM has to deliver, being a surrogate herself. To ensure surrogate mother safety, we only have female care takers with us. 
At SI, we ask the Care Takers to become shadows of their surrogate mother. Travel, where ever the SM needs to travel, escort at every level, accompany for scans, tests, etc. Thus they start taking responsibility of their own SMs health. She starts keeping a tab on SM’s health graph, her regular advised check ups, medications, house, etc.

Each Care Takers usually have around 5-10 SM under their care. They literally work round the clock , because if the SM comes up with any problem even at midnight and is to be taken to the hospital, she informs the doctors, and accompanies SM to the hospital.

We salute the spirits of our surrogates and the care takers, who literally go miles to make our Intended Parents dreams come true.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yoga Classes for our surrogate mothers

Yoga sessions for our surrogates is really an innovative or say an healthy idea. This has and is still benefitting our surrogates. As per the feedback we have received from the surrogates after every session, it has brought some changes in them like they feel more relaxed and composed. More and more surrogates are showing interest in this activity because they are aware that 
 they will benefit from this.

Yoga is a non medical process which relaxes your minds through meditation and simple exercises. The advantages are that, it calms your mind a lot.  Brings discipline in their daily routine.

Skype session done between Intended Parent and Surrogate Mother

We arranged a Skype session for one of our Australian client. For the surrogate it was going to be first and a new experience. But unfortunately as it was raining her phone got spoiled. So we were finding it hard to reach her. As we promised the Intended Parent that we will be arranging the Skype session for him, we wanted to keep the word. We sent a cab to her home. She then came here and had a session. He was very happy to meet her. We were happy that we could keep our words and keep our Intended Parent happy by connecting them with their surrogate.

We will introduce the people in the video :- Dressed in green is the surrogate, Intended Parent on the Skype and the person dressed in maroon is our SI Team Staff helping them with the translation

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

25 SI Babies celebration with Indian Baby Shower

We completed our 25 SI Babies on 13 April, 2010. The most important and noticeable part of this party was that we had seven newly born babies under one roof. They all got delivered with gap of one week in between each other.

 We had baby shower done for all babies with a difference, i.e. we did it in an Indian style. All new mommies and daddies had loads of fun playing games & taking pictures. Even we had a very good time with them. We all ended up the party with a delicious dinner.

Dr.Sudhir Ajja’s Birthday Bash

It was Friday 3 June, 2011, Dr Sudhir Ajja’s 35th  B’ Day. Everyone in SurrogacyIndia had planned surprise party for him. Preparation for the same got started three days backs itself. We were continuously thinking how to surprise him, what present should we give, and above all how to welcome him... hmmm lot of thinking....  

Everyone were scratching their head, but still we were not able to finalize any present for him. We thought of buying some gadgets but then as we realized that he is such a gadget freak, he will be having possible all gadgets with him, so we had to drop the idea. Finally we had to look at Dr. Yash for her help. We finally got some good idea of what we could look for him. 

It all started with lots of balloons spread across the floor in the office. He was welcomed into the office midst lots of balloons. The moment he entered he got surprised. Looking at the balloons he got in a playful mood. He decided to play with the balloons, (ie. not even a single balloon should be lying down on the floor and all of us were part of it)

We then started pouring with lovely cards that we all got for him. Each of us went separately and kept him busy with us and not work (for a change). We would had loved to have a table like him (it was full of chocolates).  

Our small surprises kept him happy and smiling (big one). Some gave chocolates, some gave personalized gifts, some gave beautiful table pieces.

Wow, now finally, the cake cutting time came (yyyuummmyyy....) . He cut the cake, enjoyed it .. and man didn't we enjoy it (heeeee.....)  

He started checking out all his gifts. We could figure out from his beautiful smile that he loved the gifts given to him.  

Then he decided to give us a break and he took us out for a lunch to a restaurant. The day ended up with bursting all the balloons lying on the floor.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rhonda, Gerry and SurrogacyIndia: New Story, New Technology.

The Swiss Team involving Katja and Tilman first visited the Wile's at Mesa, Arizona and then came down to meet our lovely doctors in Mumbai.

They did an extensive research on Surrogacy. They went to hundreds of places, shot thousands of pictures, and asked millions of questions. Its all to create this worthy Surrogacy App, the first of its kind showing Reproduction through Surrogacy.

Right now its available only on Apple Apps.

The link to the Appazine is here:  The Collection Magazine.
Technology at its best.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip to Sajan Resort

We all SI Team went to Sajan Resort which is near Bhiwandi to have fun. I must say the break was worth.

I suppose the intention was also to get relaxed and charged up for the coming working days. Because I feel that people like us who work 24 x 7 needs to take a break and have some fun. This helped us to gel with many of our colleagues with whom we do not talk much on our normal working days due to our different working profiles. We could do some of the unexpected adventure sports over there like rappelling, boating etc.

All got tired at the end of the day. Most of them were looking so drained out. SurrogacyIndia works hard when it comes to work but enjoys harder when it comes to having fun..... :-P

 We all thank our Managing Directors that they gave us a chance to have fun.