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Monday, June 13, 2011

Surrogate Mother Care Taker’s life at SurrogacyIndia

Care Takers play a vital role in providing Surrogate Mother’s to SurrogacyIndia. Caretakers are actually the source for SM to reach or to be part of SI.  

As this concept is still not aware fully to everyone in India, it is very necessary that the Care Takers them selves are much aware of the legal, ethical and financial responsibilities. They thus are educated at our office by both doctors, the legal team, psychologist, and our accounts team. They are made to understand that what they are doing is in favour of motherhood.  We promote a lot of surrogate mother who have delivered to become care takers. Not to mention that they are much more aware of the responsibilities that SM has to deliver, being a surrogate herself. To ensure surrogate mother safety, we only have female care takers with us. 
At SI, we ask the Care Takers to become shadows of their surrogate mother. Travel, where ever the SM needs to travel, escort at every level, accompany for scans, tests, etc. Thus they start taking responsibility of their own SMs health. She starts keeping a tab on SM’s health graph, her regular advised check ups, medications, house, etc.

Each Care Takers usually have around 5-10 SM under their care. They literally work round the clock , because if the SM comes up with any problem even at midnight and is to be taken to the hospital, she informs the doctors, and accompanies SM to the hospital.

We salute the spirits of our surrogates and the care takers, who literally go miles to make our Intended Parents dreams come true.

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Tandoori Viking said...

Just amazing to read about this. What a great idea to have previous SM as surrogate caretakers. They truly know how it is! And not the least, their experience of being a SM also has given them a professional job - maybe the first job ever for that person. A steady income, wow! Fantastic!