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Monday, May 30, 2011

Watching World Cup Match With The SI Team.

We, the SI Team decided to watch World Cup Match in a different way this time. We all went to nice restaurant………. AND AND AND!!! We had a blast watching the world cup match at the Hotel .......... with the whole BIG TEAM SI. We all were cheering our Indian Team and yes they won too... Well i guess our efforts got paid off and our Indian Team won the World Cup this year after 28 years. The last victory was in 1983.
The game started very well with Indian Team, but their performance suddenly plateaued, which made everyone worried. There was a point where we felt that the game is no more in our hands. We all started losing hope. But being true Indians somewhere down the heart we had hoped the best for our Team. As it is said that every cloud has a silver lining, Indians as they are expected to rise from the fall, started playing very well. But, must say Sri Lankans gave us a very tough competition. We really appreciated their effort.
The feeling was awesome we couldn’t control our happiness and joy. We ate, we cheered, we danced, we whistled but we were praying hard for our team. All of the prayers paid off and we won. The feelings can’t be ever expressed in words. It is still fresh in our minds.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heaviest Baby Born In SI

1Recently two of our surrogates gave birth to SI’s heaviest babies.

 SM ...... delivered twin girls both were weighing 3.2 kgs (approx) each. The parents couldn’t control their emotions. They were feeling very happy. Their joy was visible on their face. We noticed one thing their father didn’t miss even a single moment, everything was captured in camera. Even the SI Team members had a very good time when they came down to our office.

Another SM delivered a single baby who weighed the heaviest with 4kgs, which is rare to find in India even when it is a natural delivery. So for us it was a lucky day for the whole SI Team. We all were very proud that day.
This shows that the surrogates took very good care of their health and were living a very healthy lifestyle.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SI Women's Day

It was just an idea which came in one of our colleague’s mind, which when got executed was one of the best celebration we had till date.
Women’s Day means recognizing women power. Our surrogates and egg donors are those who have faced a lot in their life and are still going strong. We all salute them for their effort they put to improve their family’s financial condition.

We even conducted small activities to entertain them. Some of the surrogates participated and sung beautiful songs, did some interesting plays, got some tasty mouth watering dish for the competition and danced till the end. As it was their day we tried our level best to make them feel special. We organized a party where they could show case their hidden talents, which was actually surprising to all of us. We really appreciate their effort for this. This wouldn’t have been successful without the participation of our surrogates and egg donors. They made it happen.

I can say that it also one of the best example for Team Work, because it wouldn’t have been possible just by one person. The whole Team SI came together to make that day one of the memorable day in SI.

Cheers !!!....

Key Things That Made Us Go with SI .. By a Client

We as Team SI have always tried our best in providing our patients, good and standardized service. Below are the few lines, which one of our client expressed about how they feel about us in one of our email. It makes us feel 'Proud'. Thank you so much for loving Team SI.

Dear Dr. Sudhir,

It is truly a joy for me to be a tiny part of your success. Just keep up the good spirit of letting everyone feel special and important! :) There were/are some key things that made us go with SI and why we have been so satisfied. One of these things was that it was you as founder and MD, who took the time to answer all of my 3 millions of questions, never letting me feel troublesome or stupid. I know it is a hard work for you!  Also, both you and Dr.Yash always thought about the best chances for us, never pushing us to start the process earlier. I still remember how you both wrote to me to take my time with weaning Jenni because it could be emotional for both of us. It still warms my heart when I think of your words. As we were new and about to make our choice of clinic, many other clinics sent us some standard "copy-paste" replies or replied very short and incomplete, also letting us wait in weeks. It is hard to build up trust in such a delicate matter, especially if you never have met each others in person and you are thousands of kilometers apart. Copy-paste replies just don't work.
We really got this family-feeling when we visited SI, everybody working in same direction, for the "good thing" and we never got this  "baby-fabric-feeling" that the Swedish media so keenly wants to serve about surrogacy in India. Unfortunately, I'm sure there are both good and bad clinics in India, just as everywhere in the world. It was wonderful for us to learn that you take truly good care of your surrogates, they are as important as the IP's. And of course, that you carefully choose out your SM. This has to be a win-win situation for both IP's and SM, other ways it would be very wrong. We also had so good experience with both your lawyer, Amit and your kind drivers, Vikas and Ajit. Last but definitely not the least, we truly enjoyed spending time with you and Dr. Yash in Mumbai. You are such wonderful persons and I'm so happy to know you!
Great hugs and lots of good energy to you all - including our SM. We are awaiting our scan result with great excitement!
The above content is put with the kind permission of the client.