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Thursday, May 26, 2011

SI Women's Day

It was just an idea which came in one of our colleague’s mind, which when got executed was one of the best celebration we had till date.
Women’s Day means recognizing women power. Our surrogates and egg donors are those who have faced a lot in their life and are still going strong. We all salute them for their effort they put to improve their family’s financial condition.

We even conducted small activities to entertain them. Some of the surrogates participated and sung beautiful songs, did some interesting plays, got some tasty mouth watering dish for the competition and danced till the end. As it was their day we tried our level best to make them feel special. We organized a party where they could show case their hidden talents, which was actually surprising to all of us. We really appreciate their effort for this. This wouldn’t have been successful without the participation of our surrogates and egg donors. They made it happen.

I can say that it also one of the best example for Team Work, because it wouldn’t have been possible just by one person. The whole Team SI came together to make that day one of the memorable day in SI.

Cheers !!!....

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Tandoori Viking said...

Oh, my, what amazing pictures!! So beautiful ladies and so beautiful clothing, too. I must put on my saree some day, just in order do practice again. I must know how to do it myself next time I'm visiting you so I won't need Yaya's help to get dressed after visiting ladies room :D