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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our SM applying Mehndi to our IP

Mehndi is a beautiful art of painting with henna that has been used for centuries to adorn and to bless.

One of our Intending Parent visited our office and she was very keen to apply Mehndi. She requested us if we could arrange someone to apply mehndi for her. We at SI have many surrogates with different talents and one amongst them has good skills of applying Mehndi. So you can see how beautifully our Surrogate Mother applying Mehndi to our lovely Intending Parent.

Our SM applying Mehndi to our IP

Sorry and Thank you

Inspite of donors been chosen about 2-3 months back by our Intending Parents, it was shocking to know that different donors were sent. Wrong profiles, wrong reports, wrong dates, were just part of these wrongs. 

It is such a shame that some one has hurt our lovely Intending Parents and us. 

We want to say "Sorry" to all our Intending Parents, who have gone through this terrible time while hoping and dreaming to have a child.

We also want to say "Thank you" to all our lovely couples, for trusting us and being with us.

We regret referring any of our patients to this agency.

Team SI

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thank you to my Surrogate Mother!!

It’s always been a proud moment for SI when a baby is delivered. It’s even a more proud moment when the Intended Parents appreciate the efforts and pain of their surrogate mother. 

There is one such couple who have appreciated their surrogate mother and would like to remember her throughout their life, so they have named their baby with their surrogate mother’s name (Victoriane Manisha). Manisha is the Surrogate Mother’s name. They felt that this is one of the best ways to show the surrogate mother that she will always be remembered.....


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Association with Fertility Care SA

Team SI has taken an unanimous decision that we will not be associated with Fertility Care SA in any forms. 

We do understand that there are few cases on track, and we will surely do every possible thing to take care of the process, client interest, donor care in India.

Team FCSA has assured us the same.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating Independence day at SI

On the occassion of Independence Day, SI team has decorated the entire office and placed the national flag high on the wall. 

SI team has also kept a moment of silence for all the martyrs of the nation.
We are proud of our Flag

SI Team wish everyone Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Dear Readers,

Our life is full of Colors.....
We hope this 15th August will
add more colors to our life

Happy Independence Day 

Team SI