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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Psychology sessions conducted for Surrogate Mother

Our Psychologist Ms.Mellisha Kar conducts sessions for our Surrogate Mothers (SM). These counselling sessions are is conducted  for Surrogates so that they can pour out their heart, because every SM goes through several degrees of psychological and personal problems during the processes and these sessions enable them to enhance their coping to deal with such problems effectively. 

Dr. Ms. Kar has categorized her sessions for SM into three ie.
a)   Newly Enrolled
b)   Embryos Transferred
c)   Pregnant Mothers

a)   Newly Enrolled:- Dr. Ms. Kar makes the newly enrolled SMs aware of the process which they will have to undergo. As they are going to be part of the Surrogacy process they are made aware of their responsibilities and facilities they will be provided with in SurrogacyIndia. Basically, the SMs are made familiarized with their all the rules other than medical procedures so that they fully get mentally prepared for the program. They are explained that the program they will be undergoing is for the couple who are unable to conceive naturally. Then along with her even her husband or whoever her guardian is, psycho educated about the whole process. any anxieties related to the process are addressed. The SM is also assessed on various psychological parameters.   

b) Embryos Transferred: - As the Embryos are transferred their responsibilities of being surrogate starts. It is actually the initial stage. So they are worried about their results. Their journey here will start only when their results will be positive. It is observed that they start getting over anxious. They start taking this failure so seriously that they sometimes feel it’s their failure. So these sessions are done to make them relax.

c)   Surrogates who are pregnant: - In these sessions the surrogates who are pregnant are psycho educated about how they should follow a healthy lifestyle. During their cycle the first trimester is very sensitive period where they are supposed to take a very good care of themselves. At times it happens that the surrogate’s health graph starts varying, and most of the time it has been due to their personal or family problems. So during such period our Psychologist helps them to mentally calm down and help them resolve the issue.  As their delivery dates near they start getting very stressed out, so during these sessions they are been positively encouraged relaxation taught and preparing her for the delivery. The important issue of attachment towards the child in the womb is addressed at various levels of pregnancy. Counseling sessions enable the SM to give up the surrogate child without her experincing much emotional problems. SM is helped with to deal with issues of bonding and post partum issues. Basically, our Psychologist acts as the facilitator.

Visit to SI office by one of our lovely couples R & G

 Our lovely couple R & G came to our office day before yesterday with their beautiful kids(  elder son and their twin newborns) and niece.They were as excited as we were when we met each other. They were so warming and friendly. The babies are really cute.

They visited us more than two years back. They saw when we just started from the scratch. R & G spoke how far we have come when we had limited patients then and now we now have a very good count of couples whom we are helping to make their dream come true of having a baby. 

They had a baby boy from us but they wanted to extend their family. So they came back for second pregnancy.... and WHAT they got pregnant for the second time that too with TWINS ( AWESOME......) . Kids are said to be gods gift and we feel they are really special that now they are gifted with three beautiful kids. 

They got a chance to meet both their surrogates. They had a long chat with both the surrogates. Their first Surrogate Mother came to meet them with her whole family. She could buy a new house from the monetary help she got from her surrogacy she did for them. We could see the bonding they had. They were chatting about their kids. Their growing years etc.

What we all liked about them the most was that they themselves took the effort to go and meet all other employees at their respective cabin. All of us were really touched by it. We discussed even our work with them, like who does what. The best part was when they gave us their inputs on how we can add new changes in our work.

They always used tell how they are fascinated by Indian culture. We are happy that we all could meet them in person becuase we got to know many things from them like when we started how the work atmosphere it was and now how it as changed after so many years wiht all new bunch of young team members.

We all will really cherish the moments we had with you all. 
Lots of Love.

                                                                                                                Team SI.......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Support Group, our lovely Online Forum

It is extremely sad to know that our beautiful Support Group forum is not functioning where we have nearly 1000 members with invaluable information available.

For all of your information, Our forum was hosted on a domain site called

When ever our forum went down, we could reach to Customer Service at and resolve the concerns.

It is the first time in last 3 years, that we are not able to reach the parent domain We are trying our best to reach the forum5 administrators and resolve the issues.

Lastly we would like to inform all our friends that SI has absolutely no control on the present status of the forum. We are praying that we get atleast the database, so that we can host it on some other site.

Thank you for your support.
                                                                                                                    Team SI..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What you can find in SI Guide ?

 SI has newly introduced a Guide for those who are interested in our program but are less aware of the functions. Here we have tried to elaborate every thing in a very simple and easy way. It is a very user friendly guide.

The guide has everything from start to end. It has got answers for all your queries. Like how you can reach to us, how to enrol with us, what you can expect from the program, whether to go for self cycle or use egg donors, the finance, legal factors, how to arrange your visits, how you will be kept updated about your SM’s health graph etc.

Detailed information about certain topics will be accessible only if you are enrolled with us. So you can look forward of having an interesting, well aware and safe Surrogacy Journey with us.

To view our SI Guide Click Here 

                                                                                              Team SI...       

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear all,

This message is for those have been following our forum regularly, that due to some technical error the forum won't be accessible for few days. We tried to contact the Customer Care of Forum but those calls went unanswered. So meanwhile we would request you all to wait for some time, as soon as it wil be accessible we will be updating you all.

Thanks & Regards
Team SI.
We all at SurrogacyIndia is eagerly waiting for our first patient. They came here when our company was newly established. They had their first baby boy from us, from then they have been associated with us till date. Our relationship with them has just grown with years. 

The best part about their visit is that by end of the july they are due for twins. We are glad that we are going to meet them soon. Our all best wishes are with them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Experience of surrogate when they stay at surrogate house

Surrogate house is the place where surrogates are admitted so that they should get complete bed rest. The other alternative for the surrogate house is the maternity home or maternity clinic. The surrogates are to admitted at two conditions:-

1)   If the embryos are newly transferred in her body.
2)   If she is to be kept under close observation or complete bed rest.

1)   If the embryos are newly transferred in her body:- When the embryo transfer is done in a surrogate’s body, she is advised to take complete bed rest till her Beta HCG is not done. Beta HCG is done to know whether she is positive or negative.  Because, this is the most sensitive and most important phase in the program. She should not give any kind of mental or physical stress to herself. Any kind of stress can affect the embryos injected in the body.

2)   If she is to be kept under close observation or complete bed rest:- A pregnant surrogate can go under different medical conditions or say her health graph can change anytime. So when we see that she is not in her best of her health condition we get her admitted in any nearby maternity home or surrogate house.

As they are admitted they cannot do even any kind of work. Making her admit near to the SI office will help the medical team to keep a close tab on their health. As soon as she recovers or improved she is discharged.
During this period as they are staying away from their family they do miss them. But somewhere they do realize that this is purely for them and their baby’s improvement. Some who stay longer start getting close to other surrogates and they make good friends here. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SI getting bigger day by day......

We started with one office two and half years back with only 2-3 staffs. That one room used to accommodate our directors, all our staffs, our clients, surrogate mothers who used to come to meet doctors with their care takers. Even the legal agreement used to be getting signed in the same room.  That was the day then and today is the time when we have one front office, two back offices, one tea room & one waiting room for all our surrogate mothers.

We have really come a long way after the effort everyone has put specially our Dr S & Dr Y. At the initial stage, they used to work 24 x 7
(Doctors are expected to work but working throughout the day plus working on Sundays was actually inspiring for every).

We now have 12 staffs and two housekeepers with us. All are given a proper profile so they can give attention to even minute things. We want our patients to get best service and by the end of the program be proud and satisfied parents.