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Saturday, December 24, 2011


On the eve of Christmas, SI team wishes all our readers Merry Christmas and New Year!!!

We decorated our office for this special day, as you can see in the photographs how busy our team was. Every employee of SI was looking like Santa Claus as they were all dressed up in Red and White clothes. We had a small celebration in our office & exchanged gifts. We distributed sweets to our surrogates.  

How can we forget our SI babies??? We celebrated this special day with our own SI babies. We distributed gifts to them, clicked few photographs. Thus, we had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas.

Once again wishing everyone Merry Christmas and New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surrogacy India and Successful Parents

Surrogacy India and Successful Parents are associated with each other for a long time. Our relationship is more than a business partners. We have grown over the period of years. Successful Parents provides us egg donors from all over the world. 

Successful Parents Agency – European (Caucasian) Egg Donor for your program.

Successful Parents agency is based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Agency cooperates with Surrogacy India to provide all range of services related to egg donation programs for couples from all over the world, including travelling of egg donor to India for egg pick-up.

Coordinators at Successful Parents Agency will help you choose egg donor according to your preferences and will take care of all organizational, legal and medical issues related to your program.

For more information please contact Ms Olga Tsisarenko, Partner and Chief Patients Coordinator at Successful Parents Agency:

Tel: +380-44-362-53-73

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

South African Donors

We have recently associated with Elite ED, South Africa for egg donors. It has been an overwhelming response from our couples, as within a month, the EED team matched 6 of our couples. Wow! Exciting.

SI and Elite Egg Donors; have now mutually decided to work exclusive with each other for South Africa and India respectively.

Please read a little more about them.
If you have more queries, you can write to us at
Or to

About Us
Our International Egg Donor Programme is the culmination of more than 15 years local and international experience in the egg donation and surrogacy processes. We are delighted to bring you only the best fertility solutions in association with the exceptional, diverse egg donors and the world's best fertility clinics around the world.

Our Aim
To help you realize the dream of conceiving, whether for the first time or to grow your family, with the assistance of IVF egg donation or gestational carriers, and guide you and your lovely egg donor Angel or gestational carrier through every step of the process.

Because Elite Egg Donor is a small agency, we can focus on personalized service in a nurturing, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.
·         We take our time to get to know each and every donor and recipient, working on the philosophy that patience and understanding achieves the best results.
·         Our donors and gestational carriers are loyal and supportive because they know that the dedication they receive from us is unsurpassable.
·         We have stayed TRUE to our aim and vision to make egg donor services and surrogacy program accessible to all and for this reason, we are one of the most affordable egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the world whilst still offering the highest calibre of egg donors and gestational carriers.
·         We have successfully managed more than 300 egg donation cycles and numerous surrogacy journeys.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today’s young generation is very smart and independent. They are intelligent, courageous and at the same time some of them do care for society and at times they are ready to help them if they need to. For e.g. SI Diva donors. We are very much proud of them and we are incomplete without their receptive approach.

Diva donors are ready to pass on their genetic trait to your baby so that your dream is fulfilled and at the same time they are benefited from you to fulfill their dreams of aspiring milestone in their life.

They are intelligent, highly educated, ambitious, caring, well mannered, well behaved, moralistic and elite group of egg donors.

They do not want to depend on any one and at the same time they do not want to do any malpractice to achieve their goals. Egg donation being such a noble work is one of the ways they feel they can spread happiness in people’s lives at the same time by doing this dignified work their own dream is also fulfilled.

We have many such diva donors with colorful personalities. Everyone is having their own ways of looking at life; however the common thing among them is their positive attitude towards life, their helpful nature, they are genuine and of course they are women of the substance.

Nevertheless to say that they strongly feel your blessing will always be with them and with your blessing they can conquer anything in the world.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SI in Indian News Media

We are glad to inform all our viewers that one of the Indian News Channels (NDTV) has approached us for an interview session on surrogacy and we were more than happy to give the interview. In the above link there is a short interview of Dr Sudhir Ajja and one of our most trusted clients Omer Ali with his baby. This was telecasted on Indian News Channel (NDTV) on 06.12.11 at 9 pm.