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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surrogacy India and Successful Parents

Surrogacy India and Successful Parents are associated with each other for a long time. Our relationship is more than a business partners. We have grown over the period of years. Successful Parents provides us egg donors from all over the world. 

Successful Parents Agency – European (Caucasian) Egg Donor for your program.

Successful Parents agency is based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Agency cooperates with Surrogacy India to provide all range of services related to egg donation programs for couples from all over the world, including travelling of egg donor to India for egg pick-up.

Coordinators at Successful Parents Agency will help you choose egg donor according to your preferences and will take care of all organizational, legal and medical issues related to your program.

For more information please contact Ms Olga Tsisarenko, Partner and Chief Patients Coordinator at Successful Parents Agency:

Tel: +380-44-362-53-73

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