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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Master Chefs @ SurrogacyIndia

Yesterday was a very exciting day at Team SI. May being peak summer month, yesterday the “Summer” theme was flagged off with a “Fruit Salad Competition”.

The entire staff was divided into 4 teams who chose some innovative names like: Strawberry, Alphonso, Sunshine and Sunflower. Each Team was supposed to make Fruit Salad and points will be given based on Presentation, Taste and Innovation.

Alphonso: They were very creative as they had carved a baby cradle out of watermelon and other fruits and the visual effect was good. It was painstakingly done and everyone was very impressed, as they could come up with something related to our organization.

Strawberry: They did not have a theme as such but it was tastefully decorated. Apart from fruits they had also used plum cake to form a sandwich with fruit toppings, some ice cream. The final presentation looked splendid the taste was different and awesome.

Sunflower: They had carved a bird using waste (mango seeds, grape skin, watermelon seeds, chiku seeds) from fruits; carving and fruit art deco using many fruits, a total of 13 fruits were used. It looked so artistic, did not feel like eating the salad and spoiling the beauty of it but ultimately had to give in to the inviting taste of the salad.

Sunshine: This team had a unique concept. They had created a salad corner with a banner stating their name and they even had a menu card, feedback form and the judges were even handed a bill. It was quite different from other teams in every way.     

It was a welcome break from the mundane daily activities. Everyone enjoyed it and each one of them got the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Dr Sudhir and Dr Yash enjoyed the most as they were the judges and they got to sample the delicious salads with different kinds of dressings and toppings.

By the end of the day, both of them piled on some extra pounds. It was not only mouth watering and delicious but a visual treat as can be evidenced from the photos.

The judges as well as all the teams voted and it was difficult to choose the winner as the scores were really close but finally it was unanimously decided to declare ‘Team Strawberry” as the winner.

Seeing the enthusiasm, we all were awarded prizes for participation. Winners in addition got books on delicious recipes.

4D Scans of your Baby

SurrogacyIndia takes pride in providing state of the art and latest technological support system to continuously innovate and refine our processes.

About 2-4 scans are done which are 3D and 4D, during the pregnancy period. These scans are recorded in special formats which help you see your baby features. 

We had been couriering these DVD scans to our clients till now.  We have now developed a system, by which we can securely send the data over the internet. This will enable our clients to save 400-600$, which is a huge saving.

Thanks to Paulo.
Client satisfaction is our motto!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surrogate Exploitation or Empowerment of Women?

Why is it that empowerment of women should follow a socially acceptable formula? 

Here in India teaching lower income women sewing, making earthen pots and jute baskets and of late teaching them computers is really not empowering them. All these aims at teaching them a particular skill which they may or may not use further to earn a livelihood. They all sound like a Nirmala Niketan course to me (Nirmala Niketan is a women’s college aimed at teaching specific domestic skills to women in Mumbai).

True empowerment of women would mean empowerment of mind. Women should be able to take decisions for themselves, reason what’s good what’s bad for them, safeguard their and their family’s interest, freely bond with other women from different cast and creed to create a network or a support group.

At SI we don’t like to follow any conventional methods, else I guess SI would not have conceptualized and nurtured such great heights at the first place.

AT SI we:
  • Facilitate and thus empower women to take bold decisions of doing surrogacy. With all the information received from us the women decides to do surrogacy and then seek to convince their husbands and other family members. 
  • All through she thinks of ways how surrogacy will better their lives. 
  • She thinks of her family and their children’s future. She makes plans for their children’s future with the money that she earned
  • At SI we also encourage them to reject us (a certain surrogacy center) if they feel exploited. It is not just we selecting them into our process; they too accept us into their lives.
If it was exploitation, they have many avenues of escape, but they keep coming back, for the trust they have in us…Logically if you feel exploited, will you not want to escape or will you keep coming back for every monthly appointments?… Will u try to get in your sister, nieces, cousins and other close family members into it if you feel exploited?

A Child labor tries to escape...; women sold for flesh trade try to contact social service authorities and want to be rescued…; but here at SI even with having a completely open system, absolutely no confinement the women just keep coming back to us. 

So this has lead me to believe that if some section of the people do wish to name surrogacy as exploitation of poor women, then ok I say its exploitation as in not misuse but exploitation as in development of their curbed potentials and exploitation of their inner needs to make a change to their and your family.