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Saturday, May 12, 2012

4D Scans of your Baby

SurrogacyIndia takes pride in providing state of the art and latest technological support system to continuously innovate and refine our processes.

About 2-4 scans are done which are 3D and 4D, during the pregnancy period. These scans are recorded in special formats which help you see your baby features. 

We had been couriering these DVD scans to our clients till now.  We have now developed a system, by which we can securely send the data over the internet. This will enable our clients to save 400-600$, which is a huge saving.

Thanks to Paulo.
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Tandoori Viking said...

How good! Waiting for those DVD's indeed is very boring - you want to see your little one as soon as possible after the scan is done. And saving those dollars for courier costs indeed isn't wrong. Wonderful news for new clients!!

Paumicas said...

You're welcome!!! It's great to see my suggestion was useful!

luke_r_24 said...

This is excellent. I was shocked when we got the first bill from the courier company. It's a tough choice to make, you really want to see but it's very hard to justify the additional expense.

Thank you SI Team!