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Friday, June 10, 2011

Yoga Classes for our surrogate mothers

Yoga sessions for our surrogates is really an innovative or say an healthy idea. This has and is still benefitting our surrogates. As per the feedback we have received from the surrogates after every session, it has brought some changes in them like they feel more relaxed and composed. More and more surrogates are showing interest in this activity because they are aware that 
 they will benefit from this.

Yoga is a non medical process which relaxes your minds through meditation and simple exercises. The advantages are that, it calms your mind a lot.  Brings discipline in their daily routine.

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Tandoori Viking said...

What a wonderful idea to do - here in Sweden yoga is very popular aswell. And we have special classes for pregnant women, too :) I'm so happy to read about everything you do for our precious surrogates. They deserve all the best!