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Friday, June 10, 2011

Skype session done between Intended Parent and Surrogate Mother

We arranged a Skype session for one of our Australian client. For the surrogate it was going to be first and a new experience. But unfortunately as it was raining her phone got spoiled. So we were finding it hard to reach her. As we promised the Intended Parent that we will be arranging the Skype session for him, we wanted to keep the word. We sent a cab to her home. She then came here and had a session. He was very happy to meet her. We were happy that we could keep our words and keep our Intended Parent happy by connecting them with their surrogate.

We will introduce the people in the video :- Dressed in green is the surrogate, Intended Parent on the Skype and the person dressed in maroon is our SI Team Staff helping them with the translation

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