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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Story - Dr. Yash

The anguish of not getting something we want, is a feeling we are all familiar with since our childhood. But the anguish of not having a child is the severest of all. This is the strongest desire in mankind and gives the greatest sense of failure if unfulfilled.
We as fertility physicians study and research for years as to the best treatment options for the rapidly growing population of couples unable to be parents.This helps us make half our patients parents but the challenge to us is keeping the hopes of the other half going. 

Our Support Group was developed to help and support each other and let couples know that they are not alone! 

When i was trying to have a baby 12 years ago, Infertility was not a socially discussed issue. Most of us didn't even tell our moms about this. The depressions were severe and the loneliness tremendous. Every time the cycle failed the days and nights merged in one big blur and my tears soaked my pillows. Still I was unable to openly discuss this emotional upsets with even my closest friends or my sisters. This flamed my desire to be a fertility physician and now to be a part of our online support group.
Don't lose hope for after 4 years of trying and 7 cycles later,today i have a 11 year old princess! 

Dr Yash


Anonymous said...

This is really lovely of you to share. Congratulations on your family and on helping add children to so many others. The more we talk about these things, the more we realise that none of us are alone and nothing is impossible.

marijo said...

thanks for talking about your story ... and for helping