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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visit to SI office by one of our lovely couples R & G

 Our lovely couple R & G came to our office day before yesterday with their beautiful kids(  elder son and their twin newborns) and niece.They were as excited as we were when we met each other. They were so warming and friendly. The babies are really cute.

They visited us more than two years back. They saw when we just started from the scratch. R & G spoke how far we have come when we had limited patients then and now we now have a very good count of couples whom we are helping to make their dream come true of having a baby. 

They had a baby boy from us but they wanted to extend their family. So they came back for second pregnancy.... and WHAT they got pregnant for the second time that too with TWINS ( AWESOME......) . Kids are said to be gods gift and we feel they are really special that now they are gifted with three beautiful kids. 

They got a chance to meet both their surrogates. They had a long chat with both the surrogates. Their first Surrogate Mother came to meet them with her whole family. She could buy a new house from the monetary help she got from her surrogacy she did for them. We could see the bonding they had. They were chatting about their kids. Their growing years etc.

What we all liked about them the most was that they themselves took the effort to go and meet all other employees at their respective cabin. All of us were really touched by it. We discussed even our work with them, like who does what. The best part was when they gave us their inputs on how we can add new changes in our work.

They always used tell how they are fascinated by Indian culture. We are happy that we all could meet them in person becuase we got to know many things from them like when we started how the work atmosphere it was and now how it as changed after so many years wiht all new bunch of young team members.

We all will really cherish the moments we had with you all. 
Lots of Love.

                                                                                                                Team SI.......

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

We had an amazing visit. Each one of you welcomed us all with open arms. It truly felt amazing to be back at SI, and meet all the team members we have heard so much about. My niece felt so special to be included and get her beautiful henna. It was a day filled with so much joy, and one we will cherish forever. Special thanks to Divya for taking so much time to translate for us.