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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Multiple User Woolen Holder By SM for Dr Sudhir Ajja

This beautiful woollen stuff is knitted by our lovely surrogates. This is made out of wool, some decorative mirror chips and bangles. Imagine making use of bangles which is normally an accessory to women, they made an innovative use of bangles by using it as decorative item. They started working on this three days back. What comes more special is the fact that it was made for Dr Sudhir Ajja, to express their gratitude for the love and respect they got on Raksha Bandhan day. 

Dr Sudhir Ajja was overwhelmed with this kind gesture from our surrogates. The pic only confirms how close a family SI is with their surrogates.

This special stand can be used to keep magazines, papers or even soft toys in it. We all at SI are so surprised to see such innovative things coming from Surrogates.  The best part is, other surrogates are now keen to learn and have started taking lessons from these surrogates. (ohhh... i can bet couples who recognised their surrogates, would be proud).


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