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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank Goodness SI was on this journey with u........

2 years on……

We are sitting down happily exhausted. It is 7.30pm and our 7 month old twins have gone to sleep for the night. They are all we dreamt and more. We feel blessed every day; we thank SI through our prayers every day. 

 Our dream of children began over 10 years ago. Like many people battling to have children there was the inevitable process of fertility treatments - AIH, IVF, miscarriages, grief and sadness over many years and so attempts. We had applied for adoption but due to our age and the processes in Australia we knew that we may never achieve our dream of bringing up a child. The emotional and financial costs were astronomical and we thought it was the end of the road for us.

In June 2009 we watched a program on international surrogacy. It was the first we had heard of it. We began to investigate options.  It was clear from the first contact that SI was the company that we would go through. We were given information upfront including costs and the process. They were ethical and treated the amazing surrogate mothers very well.  

SI was responsive and compassionate and ever so patient with all of our questions. By September 2009 we were in Mumbai nervous and excited. We got to our hotel room to find flowers and a note from the doctors welcoming us.  It was touches like this that humanised the fertility process.
The process was nerve wracking and there was no magic formula. We had three surrogates and two donors and two very sad early miscarriages before we fell with our babies. 

It is a journey-an emotional and difficult journey  
Thank Goodness SI was on this journey with us

The compassion and care the SI team gave us through the process gave us strength in the grief and the hope to continue. They advised us to wait and grieve before going through it again. Parental well-being is important to them. You are seen and you are heard. They have a team dedicated to helping parents achieve their dream of children. In February 2011 we achieved a double dream – our daughter and son came into this world. The moment we held them it felt like home and peace descended on us and we breathed for the first time in a decade. SI were there to celebrate with us.

They are sleeping soundly now after a big day. We kiss them goodnight and say a prayer for them. We then say a prayer for SI and thank them and for all those who are going through the process. Stay the course; it might seem like an eternity but everything that has gone before disappears once your children are here.  Believe.
G & I