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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Our Proud SI Staff

Raj Kaur Kaushal 

I am acting as the Senior Client Coordinator for Surrogacy India. As the key person whom all the Surrogates get all the required information for their medicine, follow-up appointments with Doctors, etc., I am a very organized individual. I take great care in keeping our clients updated about their surrogates. My hobbies are collecting old and rare antique items, reading thrillers, romance, and suspense novels. As a person I am very sensitive, but easy-going individual. I am a very fun loving person, who enjoys life to the fullest, but very serious when it comes to work. 

Dr Madhura Chikhale 

I am working as a Consultant in the organization. I have  a great knack for handling any kind of situation thrown my way and have a ‘take charge’ attitude when it comes to all of our special patients.  I am responsible for taking all the surrogates and egg donor’s history, as well as keeping close track of their health. I pride myself in taking great care and concern in our surrogate’s health. As a person I am very independent and strong by nature. My hobbies are shopping, traveling, hanging out with friends and getting dressed up for special occasions. 


Sachin Shingare 

Hi, I am Sachin and I am working as an Office Executive. I look after all the technical IT work in the office. Purchasing and maintaining much of our stock is also a key component to my job responsibilities. I love traveling and sports. I pride myself in being a hard working, honest and fun loving person, who always is smiling.

Jayendra V. Ambati

‘Jay’ is the Executive Assistant to the CEO. His job profile includes updating and managing all the surrogate and egg donor admissions. He is an essential key to the entire team in assisting the clients, surrogate mothers and egg donors with their visits to the lab, and to the hospitals, all this, while still doing routine office work like preparing calendar reports. He enjoys helping others and learning new things. Jay is well liked for his simple by nature outlook and always willing to lend a helping hand. In his spare time he enjoys picnics, parties and movies with his friends and colleagues. He has been with Surrogacy India since November 2010.

Sarita Kotian 

My name is Sarita and being from an Arts background I bring my vast knowledge to the accounts department. My primary job title is, Office Executive and my job profile includes establishing cheques, and dealing with cash settlements. My hobbies are reading novels and listening to soft music.  I am the humorist for SI, always having fun and being mischievous, but also very friendly and frank in nature.

Sheetal Sonawane

I am acting as SI’s Client Coordinator. I work closely with coordinating our surrogate mothers (SM), the doctors at SI and all of our wonderful Intending Parents (IPs). My work not only limited to coordinating but also looking after the well being of our surrogate mothers by looking after their food and meals, while on our program. On the personal front, I enjoy playing badminton, listening to music, cooking and reading. I aspire to someday become an interior designer and strive for overall success in my life. I love challenging tasks. I consider myself to be a funny and enjoyable person, who likes to help others.

Vinayak Mane

My name is Vinayak and I work as an Office Executive for Team SI. My job duties, mainly include scanning and uploading reports and photographs of our surrogate mothers and egg donors for our clients. As well as, drafting and assisting with the signing of legal agreements and letters, and coordinating our many Fedex couriers. Whenever anyone needs my help, I am always ready to lend a helping hand no matter what the task may be. My hobbies include sports and shopping. 

Sheeja Surendran

I feel very fortunate to work as a Secretary to both of the Directors for Team SI, Dr. Sudhir Ajja and Dr Yashodhara Mhatre. My core duties with direction from my superiors are, replying to company emails, drafting letters, and keeping all the Team well-informed with inter office memo‘s. I spend much of my day, coordinating with the team and making many of the essential appointments. My hobbies include music and dancing, and as of late I have started taking a keen interest in cooking. I am a sensitive and kind person and I am constantly finding new ways to increase my professional knowledge from those I am surrounded by. I am very thankful to both the Directors for their guidance and being given this wonderful career opportunity with Surrogacy India. 

Vineeta Kuckian

I am the Assistant to our Fertility Physician. My profile includes emailing the Intended Parents regarding their reports, Skype, and other important information about the Surrogate mothers. Most recently I am honored to be present for the deliveries of our babies at Hiranandani Hospital. I love reading books, singing, and exploring new places. Dancing is passion of mine that I would love to learn more of. I consider myself to be very spiritual, and I love yoga and meditation. I like helping others. I'm shy but friendly. I like to meet new people. I try to always maintain a positive attitude towards life and I believe that each one of us should help to make a difference to the society, by uplifting people who are less fortunate. 

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Tandoori Viking said...

It is SOOO wonderful to read about each and everyone of you. Many familiar faces of people who have helped us so much on the road - and who still do!
Grateful, happy greetings from Sweden!