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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thanking Surrogates and Egg Donors

We are extremely elated and happy to share with you that we have successfully delivered our 200th baby on one of the most auspicious day, day of birth of Lord Ganesha.

It just seems yesterday that we had started this journey and today, just over 3 years from birth of our first baby, we are here.

This could not have been possible without your love, trust and confidence.

How can we ever forget the great contributions given by beautiful Surrogates and Egg Donors.

Those moments away from family, pain through the pregnancy and such many more small and large sacrifices can never be forgotten or actually compensated for.

The least we can do is acknowledge it.

We at SI, thus have invited all those surrogates, Egg Donors, who helped all of you to achieve your dreams (and ones who are pregnant or cycling), and build our organization to where it is today, for a small get together lunch on 10th October.

We know you would love to be a part of this and so we request you all to leave any message that you wish to share with them. Send your message through email, facebook, forum, blog.

We will take the honor of sharing your emotional and true feelings with your surrogates and donors. 

With lots of love from,

Dr Yashodhara, Dr Sudhir and Team SI: Shikha, Lincy, Dr. Madhura, Jay, Raj, Sheetal, Asha, Sachin, Preethi, Shaahid, Sarita, Vinayak, Vineeta and Sheeja

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