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Thursday, February 21, 2013

SI & UBQT (Old friends and new relations…)

Amit Kulkarni has been taking care of all our hospitality needs for the last 4 years. Most of our clients have booked their flights and hotels through Amit. His extended courtesy, most competitive rates and flexibility in bookings (considering delivery dates which can never be fixed) have been his key strengths.
We are now moving one step forward. We are converting this association into a New Family Relationship.
“SurrogacyIndia is now making Ubiquity Hospitality a part of itself.”

We are looking at this venture as a platform to roll out many more facilities and services for our lovely couples. Amit will continue to be the CEO, and one point contact for Ubiquity Hospitality. You can write to him at his direct email ID is: or to
Thank you to all our beautiful couples, for letting us grow together, only to provide you better services.
Ubiquity means a state of being everywhere. And we will ensure that we provide services, which ever part of the world you are in.
We welcome any suggestions and feedback that any of you can make for this new foray.

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