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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Team SI celebrating Holi Festival

The ‘Holi’ festival which is tomorrow is a very fun-filled and popular occasion of India. It is an occasion when people smear each other with bright colored powders, which are known as Gulal and colored water. Bright colors represent energy, life and Joy.

The celebration of Holi at SI will start today at 5:00 pm. The team will be playing with eco-friendly holi colours and will paint each other with colours. Then it will be followed by a round of snacks and colddrinks to make the fantastic end to the celebration.

Thus, the celebration will bring smile and energy within the team.

Since we are not working tomorrow, reply to the mails may get delayed. However, you can contact us for any emergency work.

1 comment:

Tandoori Viking said...

Oh, wish I could join you! I would be messiest of everybody!!! :D