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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Celebration of Dr. Sudhir Ajja

Every year we celebrate Dr. Sudhir’s birthday by decorating his cabin, cutting the cake and presenting him with lovely gifts. This time we thought of celebrating it in a different form than the usual celebration.

We all had a long discussion on how to celebrate Dr. Sudhir’s Birthday and came out with the idea of celebrating the birthday at restaurant “Village” and keeping a style theme (Bollywood). Everyone has to dress up like bollywood character.

On 3rd June, we decorated Dr. Sudhir’s cabin with lot of balloons on the floor and birthday wall hangings. 

Dr. Sudhir came in office with best dressed and looked handsome. We all wished him Happy Birthday. After finishing all our important work, we assembled at conference room and called Dr. Sudhir for cake cutting. He cut the cake and we all left for Restaurant Village , the first unique theme restaurant, which had everything like well, railway platform with the station name plate, train, unique interiors with kitchen utensils, etc..

The distance to Village from the office was long, so we booked a bus. During our journey we played Antakshari (singing competition).

Once we reached the Village, we all gave a surprise to Dr. Sudhir by singing twisted songs for him, which he enjoyed thoroughly. We presented him lovely gifts, which he liked. Then he cut one more beautiful cake which was in the shape of laptop with a mouse, since Dr. Sudhir loves gadgets we ordered for a laptop cake.  

Later on we all participated in musical chair, wherein Shamika Rane won the game. She got the gift hamper from the Restaurant. We all cheered for her.

After the game was finished, there was poppet show. 

Then the music started and we all did different types of dance, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

After the dance we headed to have delicious and mouth watering dishes and clicked photographs.

Thus, we all enjoyed a lot and we look forward for such more celebrations....


Pam said...

I want to be an SI employee! This looks like so much fun and it's one of the reasons that SI runs so smoothly--the staff are happy and feel like a big family. Happy birthday from Los Angeles!

Anonymous said...

Hi!Thanks for your message and wishes..Thanks, Sheeja