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Monday, August 12, 2013

Updates on Surrogacy in India

A lot of unexpected news arecoming up in reference to Surrogacy in India.Please allow us to mark our comments below for few of the queries.

  •  Will Surrogacy be stopped for foreigners?

             Head of DGHS has suggested in open forum that Surrogacy 
             be banned for Foreigners.
Dr Bhargava, (Padmabhushan) Chairman CCMB, and key person in drafting the ICMR Surrogacy Bill with its amendments, has strongly criticized the above comment.
This has also been the view of other Drafting Committee members and the same has been shared as video in the below link.
Considering their views, and the fact that it is an individual opinion, the likelihood of this happening is extremely low.            
  • Will Single Parents and Straight Couples both be banned?

If the above suggestion has to pass, it will indeed ban all foreigners.
  • What are Indian doctors are doing presently?

Team of doctors are meeting different Government officials, discussing different options to get a way ahead.
  • What else is happening?

Sudan resident has filed a case in Indian High Court asking to justify why single parents in India can do surrogacy but Single parents from abroad cannot do Surrogacy. The High Court has accepted the case and asked MHA to give a written explanation. The next hearing is in September.
  • If at all the new resolution has to pass, when will it be?
The likelihood of the new resolution to pass is less than 2-5%. But if it passes, it still will take time. The earliest that can happen is Lower House of Parliament clearing the Bill (in days), post which the Upper House needs to clear the Bill (Weeks to months), and then President has to clear the Bill (weeks to months). The bill has been presented to Parliament in 2008 and hasn’t been discussed yet, so the latest can be any extent.
  • Will there be a waiting period between Clearing the Bill and Implementation of Bill, there by Couples in queue are able to do the program?

Ideally there should be a waiting period. We will presume that is the case, as surrogacy is about Cycle Planning and 9 month Pregnancy and another month or 2 of Exit Process. So couples who are registered or already have embryos in India, can undergo cycle.
  •         If the process will get banned, will couples be able to ship embryos out of country?

As of now, we are able to ship embryos out of the country. This was made possible, only after single parents were not allowed to undergo surrogacy in India. We believe, this will continue as that is the logical consequence for any new regulation.

Please note that all the below comments are personal comments of Team SI and many or most of the things may not happen as we stated. Please note that multiple Government Bodies are involved in the Surrogacy process and are the Law Makers. We only hope and leave our comments below from our experience as Indian Citizen and being with this organization for last 6 years.

Please leave your comments below, so as to enable us to reply them here on this blog.
Thank you,
Team SI


Anonymous said...

The reason this is all happening is because of the greed, neglect and lack of proactive care for surrogates by the IVF clinics. Stop fooling your clients and potential clients and let them know how really serious this situation is. That would be the reponsible thing for you to do. You had no idea the gay/single ban was coming so what makes you so assured that the all foreigner ban won't happen?

Unknown said...

IVF clinics have been very careless according to me. They never give any priority to surrogates. They just look miserable, greedy for money. It hurts when I listen such stuffs about IVF.

Kunik Goel
Surrogacy In India

Anonymous said...

I am really happy that you can finally help your clients shipping out their embryos out of India so that they can try in another country! I hope you do everything you can to make it possible!