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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Proud Moment for SI

It's with great joy we announce that we have delivered the 300th baby today. We congratulate the parents of the healthy baby boy (Oliver Sabastian Sten), who are from Sweden.  

We all were waiting eagerly for this moment to happen and finally the day has come. We are so happy and excited to celebrate this special moment which has been captured in the photographs you see.  

For both the doctors, who are the pillars of SurrogacyIndia, feels as if they have just delivered their first baby.  It’s a milestone achievement for SurrogacyIndia and we are proud of it. 

We thank from the bottom of our hearts to all our Surrogates (who have gone through all the pain & emotions throughout the nine months), Intended Parents (those who waited for their baby/babies arrival) and our cute little babies (who are delivered and blessed). 

With God’s grace & your blessings we have reached this milestone & are looking forward for many such milestones to achieve. 


Tandoori Viking said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Celebrating with you!
Hard to believe that it is 151 babies born after our Erik. Time flies so quickly. And I can only imagine what miracles you can perform, being 151 times more experienced! Lots of love from Sweden and of course, CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents for their miracle, who is so unaware about being such a special kid - in so many ways!

Pam said...

What a beautiful boy. We wish his family so much happiness and congratulate you on this milestone. SI is really the best!