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Monday, October 28, 2013

Present changes in Regulations for Surrogacy Cycles

The present change and the stricter regulations would mean that there will be many new things that needs to be followed before we can proceed with a Surrogacy cycle.

  • Irrespective of whether a cycle is Fresh embryo transfer,  Frozen embryo transfer or Shipped embryos,  the couple(Both Intended Mother and Intended Father) have to visit India on a medical visa
  • Couple commissioning surrogacy have to be married for 2 years before they can start their cycle.
  • The agreement between the Intended parent and Surrogate mother needs to be signed before the embryo transfer takes place and this agreement has to be notorized and send to the lab when the embryo transfer takes place.
  • Couple needs to be in India during the embryo transfer takes place.
  • In case of Frozen embryos transfer IPs have to be present in India to sign contracts with the new Surrogate mother. This is applicable also in cases where IPs have come to India on tourist visa on earlier visit and cases where only Intended father had visited India

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