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Friday, September 26, 2014

Surrogacy booms in India; gov’t plans regulation

The Indian government is planning to introduce a bill that will address assisted reproduction methods such as surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization and provide a legal framework to regulate surrogacy in the country.

Activists say that surrogacy has become an unfettered multi-million dollar industry in India due to the absence of regulation.

It is estimated that every year, thousands of childless couples from around the world visit infertility clinics in the country and have agents arrange surrogate mothers to bear them children.
Unfortunately, the rights of the surrogate mothers, who are often poor and illiterate, are often violated.

Going through multiple pregnancies negatively affects the health of the surrogates, and the surrogates are often not paid the agreed-upon amount due to the absence of written contracts in many cases.
Nevertheless, many women become surrogates in order to escape poverty, and some are even coerced into surrogacy by their husbands in order to make some quick cash.

The new law will specify the number of pregnancies allowed for a surrogate, the minimum age to become a surrogate and the minimum compensation that a surrogate must receive.

It will also provide a framework for allowing foreigners to request Indian women as surrogates.


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