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Friday, November 14, 2014

CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico Unites with Traveling Donors of South Africa for Pregnancy Success

It has outpaced its struggling international colleagues, become a favorite of intended parents across the globe, and given many hopeful parents access to the most affordable surrogacy programs in the world, so where does the CARE Surrogacy Center go from here? The company has united with Traveling Egg Donors of South Africa to provide a streamlined egg donation program and higher pregnancy success rates.

Denoted as one of the world's most highly regarded surrogacy agencies in the industry, the company's site offers extensive information about egg donation including a step-by-step description of the process, comprehensive requirements on becoming an egg donor and an instinctive format for selecting the donor of choice.

With success rate increasing and accessibility improving, CARE offers intended parents an array of options within its egg donor database -- striking physical appearances, academic aptitudes and implausible medical histories. The database consists of egg donors from South Africa, Jewish and Asian egg donors, and Caucasian and African-American donors. The gracious women who choose to work with CARE Surrogacy Center are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of the processes, both medically and legally -- before committing to any agreements.

Uniting with Traveling Egg Donors --

Traveling Donors is a leading full-service international egg donation program operating from South Africa, providing intending parents with high quality donors and a unique personalized service. The company ensures all parties receive a level of care, professionalism and attentiveness that ultimately makes the journey to parenthood stress-free and enjoyable for all involved.

CARE Surrogacy Center has united with Traveling Donors on two occasions for a group donation to take place in Mexico City -- in which several pre-selected donors traveled together with an experienced donor coordinator. The donor coordinator is there to accompany the women to each clinic check-up, explain any changes in donor protocol, provide comfort the day of egg collection and most importantly ensure that the donor's emotional and physical well-being is highly regarded.

"During the first trip to Mexico, the results were astonishing. Four of our loving intended parent couples who chose egg donors from South Africa resulted in confirmed pregnancies, including the birth of triplets, one sets of twins, and two singleton births. After a second successful trip this month, eight more South African egg donors are giving our intended parents belief that parenthood is in their future," stated Jack Bond, Journey Coordinator at the CARE Surrogacy Center.

With the partnership between CARE and the Traveling Donors, the progression of egg donation in Mexico offers intended parents numerous advantages, including:

Access to Caucasian Egg Donors
Strict Egg Donor Screening Process
Highly Regulated Fertility Care
High Success Rates
Extensive Database of Donors
Egg Donation at CARE --

There are many reasons intended parents seek egg donation at the CARE Surrogacy Center. Some intended parents are struggling with infertility, while others are single intended parents or same-sex individuals looking to build a family.

In the case of an infertility diagnosis, patients are tested to determine the cause of infertility. If there are poor quality ovaries or eggs, multiple failed IVF cycles, non-functional reproductive organs, early menopause or a hereditary genetic disorder, egg donation at CARE can help intended parents experience the bliss of pregnancy.

"We believe that a surrogacy journey through egg donation involves much more than a process. It involves dedication, sacrifice and most importantly the amazing women who are willing to assist a couple with their dream of building their own family," stated Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of CARE Surrogacy Center.

CARE has helped many international clients find an egg donor on their journey to parenthood. The Center recently celebrated ten surrogate births in October.

About CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico
The CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico provides incomparable experiences for intended parents, encompassed by enhanced clinical pregnancy outcomes, abridged costs and a wide-ranging continuum of care. The vision of CARE is to represent and assist individuals and couples all over the world who want to build a family, regardless of #sexual #orientation or marital status. The Center embraces a positive approach to surrogacy with compassionate journey coordinators, expert IVF medical specialists using the latest technologies, and the expertise of the CARE surrogacy legal team. Explore our Upcoming Events.


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