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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Best. Gift. Ever. Surrogacy

Augusta -  LaTeefah Young is being heralded as a blessing, leaving many speechless and calling her selfless. The 31-year old Augusta mother made the decision to give a complete stranger a gift she could only hope for.

This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for Lydia and her family. 

“Best. Gift. Ever.  It's like Jesus,” Lydia laughs.

The new mother is adding one to her family, but not in the traditional way.  She had a little help from LaTeefah Young.

“Her egg and her husband's sperm and made the baby in a Petri dish before they put it inside of me.  I was an incubator for nine months,” Young said.

Invitro Fertilization.  That was the only option for Lydia and her husband who chose not to use their full name because surrogacy is forbidden in their home country France.  

“My last pregnancy I lost my baby. The doctor said that I can't be pregnant again because I could die,” the new mother said.

Lydia found Maryland based Family Forward Surrogacy online to help grow her family safely.  The 29-year-old said she paid a total of $90,000, which included payment to Young and paying for the baby.

  Thousands of miles away in Augusta, Georgia, Young was also searching for a surrogacy company, but for different reasons.

“There are people out there that try so hard to do what comes easy for me as having a baby,” Young told News Channel 6 while describing why she chose surrogacy.

Making it easy for Lydia who can now take home a 7 lbs. 8 oz. 20 inches long daughter name Alex, Young said the process was hard as she raised her own son and daughter with her fiancée.

“My blood was low throughout the whole pregnancy. I was anemic. I could not eat. Not my appetite was nonexistent because my taste buds were gone,” Young recalled.

Young said she has no plans to be a surrogate again and Lydia said she's hoping one day her daughter can be an engineer like her mom.

“It's a joy with no words,” she said.

Lydia added she and her husband are excited to return to France and introduce Alex, who she said looks like her sister, to their family. 

Young plans to marry in April and is looking forward to resting after being a surrogate.


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