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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Surrogate mum calls for change in the law

Britain's first surrogate sum, who lives in Milton Keynes, is calling for a change in the law to encourage more women to help childless couples.

Kim Cotton gave birth to a baby 30 years ago after being signed up by an American surrogate agency to help a Swedish couple. Then in 1991 she carried twins for an infertile friend.

She went on to set up a support group called Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy (COTS) and now wants the surrogate process changed so that more people have the confidence to use it.

At the moment the biological parents have to obtain a Parental order after a child is born to become its legal parents. That leaves a huge amount of uncertainty for them and the surrogate mother as either could withdraw from the agreement at any time during the pregnancy or even after the birth before the order has been signed.

Kim wants legally binding agreements to be introduced at the start of the process so that all parties know where they stand.

She says it can be fantastically rewarding for all concerned yet the uncertainty surrounding it and misinformation about what is involved means many prospective parents and surrogate mums aren't willing to take the risk.


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