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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Committee raises vexed surrogacy issues

Does a child born of surrogacy have a right to know their biological parents?

And can the government do anything to prevent a Baby Gammy-like situation in the future?

Those are just two of the issues raised by a parliamentary committee hoping to seek clarity through a broader inquiry into local and overseas surrogacy arrangements.

The House of Representatives committee wants to examine the hurdles faced by all parties in domestic surrogacy, including medical and welfare guidelines and compensatory payments.

It's also concerned Australians are using surrogacy arrangements in countries with few regulatory and health standards and providing little protection to surrogate mothers and children.

The issue of surrogacy was highlighted last year after a West Australian couple were accused of leaving a twin boy, known as Baby Gammy, with his surrogate mother after they discovered he had Down Syndrome.


* One in six couples have infertility issues.

* Australians are believed to be the largest client market for international surrogacy arrangements.


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