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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Experience of a Legal department fellow at SurrogacyIndia

Below post is something about the concept and sharing emotions during any process followed in SurrogacyIndia all it comes from our Doctors Dr Yashodhara Mhatre and Dr Sudhir Ajja, which is experienced by one of our fellow in Legal department as an associate Sri Ranjani Krishnan. She has tried to express her over all time spent with Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents in words.

So proud of MY organization!! Truly blessed to be part of this family - Surrogacy India!! I belong and work for such an organisation where the things are not done with

narrow motive only to the extent of money. I Belong to an organisation whose roots are deeply rooted with its ultimate motive of making the childless bloom again when

couples are almost shattered.

Brilliant & beautiful!! What a concept surrogacy is!!

For saying all this, I have been truly driven by the words of the surrogate with whom I went with. Narrating the little piece of incident I met across:

For wrapping up a case of one of our client, I had to approach the Danish consulate. Whereby I had to take the surrogate mother of that respective intended parent as

an confirmation on her part for giving away the custody of baby.

First of all I underestimated by her illiteracy, I truly felt "she is going to delay the work, as she was unable to understand the legal concept which I tried to

explain her for which we were there" I felt the things to be messed up now and would get delayed by the surrogate mother not getting the scenario. On the other hand

the consulate lady was going on questioning her. She was asking many questions with a common intention that she should not claim the child in future.

The meeting lasted for more than a hour and then. . .

All of sudden, I really don’t know how she said that-with an emotional tone. The surrogate said "Yes Madam, I was in need of money, but more than that I felt the real

happiness when I handed the baby to that couple and I saw them in joy. How could I snatch away that heavenly happiness from them by claiming the baby”
Wola!! ....Thrilled!! Moved and Speechless!!  I looked into her face. The surrogate not getting the case in legal terms kept apart, I was wondered and thrilled by her

innocent reaction towards the consulate lady.

What a million dollar sentence was that, which justifies that this process is done with so many concerned souls wanting and hoping to make each others life happy!!

I know the emotions I went through at that very point cannot be written in a piece of paper; but this is what I experienced that day

Hoping and wishing for this Nobel journey to be always blessed!!

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