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Monday, March 9, 2015

Furore as gay man's mother agrees to bear his baby

A woman has helped her 24-year-old son become a father by carrying his child.

In the first surrogacy of its kind, a donor egg fertilised by her son Kyle was implanted in British woman Anne-Marie Casson, 46.

Kyle, gay and single, had wanted to be a father "for some considerable time".

A surrogacy clinic had turned him away, and then a female relative who had volunteered to be the surrogate developed medical difficulties.

It was at this point that Anne-Marie Casson and her husband Alan decided that she should be the surrogate mother.

A family court judge ruled that it was "entirely lawful" for Kyle to adopt the baby, Miles - his son but also, legally, his brother.

Kyle is the first single man in the UK to have a child through surrogacy, and the first to use his mother as the carrier.

The Cassons' case has ignited huge controversy: the participants' consanguinity raises the spectre of one of the few remaining taboos - incest.

Both Anne-Marie and Kyle Casson have said their friends have been overwhelmingly supportive.


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