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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mom’s the word

WOMEN are the key decision maker for almost all purchases in a home. And when it comes to selling products to children, it is the mother who has to be convinced first. No wonder that Dentsu India Network has launched a full-fledged division to understand what makes Indian women, and especially mothers,  trust a particular brand while saying ‘no’ to others.

Launched just two days before International Women’s Day this year, Dentsu Mama Lab is an ode to all the mothers in the country, says Rohit Ohri, executive chairman, Dentsu India and CEO Dentsu APAC. The newly launched division of the group aims at bringing brands and mothers closer through various solutions. “It all began three years back with the launch of Mama Lab in Tokyo. While the lab is still under operation in Tokyo, with the launch in India, the idea is to turn it into a solutions division than just being a planning or research room. We want to take insights from the lab to brands and help them to target moms,” added Ohri.

This is not the first time that the Japan based agency has launched a division targetted at a special section of consumers, it also runs Dentsu Diversity Lab apart from Dentsu Innovation Lab in Japan. In fact, the Japanese advertising giant spends $35 million annually on funding innovative ideas in its various labs.

For Swati Bhattacharya, who has been roped in as principal partner, Mama Lab, Creative Dentsu, the new division’s mojo comes from knowing and understanding the Indian mother. “We will work towards solving brands’ problems with the knowledge of the users. For instance, we may create an app on behalf of a diaper brand for the needs of mothers when they are flying,” she added.

For both Ohri and Bhattacharyya, the new division will not function like a regular agency that participates in a pitch process to win new businesses. Rather the focus will be to take insights derived out of studies to brands and help them create solutions targetted at Indian mothers.

“For instance, one of the ways to increase in-home consumption of beverages is by talking to the mothers as no 18-year-old is responsible for buying products for their homes,” added Ohri.

Moreover, with the new division the advertising network is looking at debunking myths surrounding Indian mothers. “A study recently conducted by us shows that the Indian mother is not the ‘mother India’ she is portrayed on screen most of the time, rather she is a woman with a vision and aim and wants everyone to recognise her abilities. Through our various we want to put forward this idea,” said Narayan Devanathan, EVP and national planning director, Dentsu.

As the first step, Bhattacharya and her team has created their very first campaign celebrating different facets of motherhood. Launched on International Women’s Day, the campaign told the story of a surrogate mother, who sold her baby in order to raise her daughter.


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