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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mama cat nurses 4 newborn orphan puppies, likely saves their lives

Murray, Utah — The survival of four newborn puppies found abandoned depends on the help of a mama cat.

A woman reported that she found a box of  Chihuahua puppies one her car in West Valley City Tuesday, according to a press release from the Humane Society of Utah.

A note on the box indicated the puppies were born Friday, and their mother had died.

The woman then took the pups to a shelter around 3:30 p.m. where the staff decided to place the puppies with a surrogate cat mother in an effort to try to save their lives. Fortunately for the puppies, Kit, a brown tabby who had recently nursed her own kittens and was still lactating was dropped off at the shelter earlier in the day.

The pups were placed with Kit, who has been able to serve as a surrogate mother. The release states that all four puppies are moving and feeding at the moment.

“The puppies would not have survived into the night without food, so we’re lucky that the woman found them on her car when she did,” HSU spokesperson Deann Shepherd said. “Their survival is uncertain at this time since we do not know how long they have been without their mother or how long they were left in that box, but we’re very hopeful that they will make it.”

HSU staff is optimistic and have started looking for a foster volunteer who can take them home and look after this unique family, the release states.


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