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Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby girl is a special delivery for Fernvale parents

THE wait is over and the amazing gift has been placed in the hands of a loving couple.

Fernvale's surrogate mum Christine Fraser has delivered a healthy baby girl and now Olivia Catherine Sandra Pearl is with her doting parents Alex Pearl and Jill Spears.

As reported in Saturday's QT, Alex and Jill first tried IVF and after three years have the new addition to their family thanks to egg donor Sarah Cutts and surrogate mum Christine Fraser from Fernvale.

Jill had a hysterectomy due to illness six years ago. She and fiance Alex had given up hope of having a child together after IVF had proven unsuccessful until Christine offered to be the surrogate.

Olivia was born at Ipswich Hospital weighing in at a healthy 3810g.

"It was the best Mother's Day gift, I can't thank everyone enough. Christine and Sarah are amazing," Jill said.

"Ipswich Hospital has been terrific. They went above and beyond to accommodate us."

Jill and Alex are planning their wedding in Bowral, in the southern highlands of New South Wales, where Alex was raised, in April.

"The wedding plans are on hold at the moment for me. Alex's mum has taken over as the wedding planner," Jill said.

"We're a little bit closer to that dream where you have the house, married and with a family. It's such a nice feeling."


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