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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bay Area Couple Stranded In Mexico With Surrogate Baby Arrive Home In Time For Mother’s Day

Christy and Haseeb Amireh and their baby Grayson were greeted by family and loved ones at San Francisco International when they arrived home to the Bay Area.

This was the first time family got a chance to meet 3-week-old baby Grayson. He was immediately scooped into the loving arms of family members.

“He was so good on the plane,” said his mom. “I’m just so happy to be on American soil. I love the Bay Area.”

One day Grayson will learn about his parents quest to have a baby and their journey to bring him home — a journey that started in Tabasco, Mexico with a surrogate.

It was a wonderful experience up until the couple was denied a birth certifcate to bring Grayson home after he was born. The couple spent weeks stuck in Mexico.

We first met the Amireh family when they were Skyping from their hotel room in Mexico City. KPIX 5’s story brought attention to the couples desperate plea for help. Family members were worried there was no end in sight.

“I was very apprehensive about seeing them,” one relative told reporter Juliette Goodrich. “I truly thought they were going to be stuck longer than this.”

Surrogacy is legal in Tabasco but a change in the current government administration put a sudden halt to birth certificates for surrogate babies like Grayson.

When we finally met up with the couple in Mexico they showed us Grayson’s ticket to come home: his birth certificate and his passport.

This was the best gift Grayson’s mom could ask for this Mother’s Day – to be home, with her baby and her family.


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