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Monday, May 4, 2015

Clydesdale foal 'Wee Fighter' saved by surrogate mum Nanny McPhee

A Clydesdale foal has earned the name Wee Fighter after being saved from an uncertain future by surrogate mum Nanny Mcphee.

The foal was born to mare Mischief on March 25 at Blackstone Farm in Cumnock, Ayrshire.

However, after a few days it became clear that mare wasn't producing enough milk - putting her foal at risk of starvation.

Owner Mags Duncan attempted to bottle-feed the youngster but her attempts were unsuccessful with Wee Fighter rejecting all alternative methods of feeding.

Keen to protect such a rare breed, Mrs Duncan launched a facebook appeal asking for help in finding a surrogate for the starving foal.

After what Mrs Duncan described as an "overwhelming" response three possible surrogates were located.

The first two mares proved an unsuccessful match but undeterred by the lack of success Mrs Duncan's husband John travelled seven hours to Gloucestershire to collect the aptly named Nanny Mcphee in the hopes of finally finding a surrogate.

The pair met last Saturday and despite the horses being of different breeds the match was successful with the filly feeding almost immediately.

Since then the pair have been inseparable with Nanny Mcphee embracing her role as surrogate mother to Wee Fighter.

Mrs Duncan added: "If we hadn't got Nanny Mcphee on Friday the foal would have been dead by the Monday. We're very lucky"


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