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Monday, May 25, 2015

Germaine Greer: abortion suited IVF barons

Germaine Greer has suggested that the Abortion Act was passed to allow the fertility industry to “manipulate the process of conception”. The outspoken feminist said the industry “needed legalised abortion” and that the “powerful medical legal establishment” had lobbied for the bill.

Harvesting eggs from aborted foetuses and implanting them in infertile women is not yet permitted despite scientific advances showing it is possible and could be a solution to a donor shortage. Greer told the Hay Festival that the “whole discourse” about IVF had been distorted by the fertility industry.

The author of the The Female Eunuch, said that the “concept of motherhood” had been reduced to a “genetic mother who supplies eggs”. Women having fertility treatment were offered “cut-price IVF” in exchange for their eggs which were then “distributed” by fertility clinics [for research and use].

“In some cases you are told what has happened to them, and in other cases you are not. What you get instead is a reduced bill for IVF because the people involved are using your eggs. I have got a suspicion that we got legalised abortion precisely because the fertility industry needed it. They were the ones who wanted to be able to terminate pregnancies and manipulate the process of conception at will.”

When told that David Steel, now Lord Steel of Aikwood, had introduced the act in 1967 for honourable reasons Greer replied: “David Steel is a politician. He could only make the act after fertility barons told him what they needed. The medical legal establishment is very powerful.”

The writer said that to illustrate how “the concept of motherhood has gone” people should consider Elton John and his partner David Furnish.

“David Furnish has been entered on the birth certificate of their two sons as the mum. That shows how the concept of motherhood has gone. It has been deconstructed. It has gone.”

Greer also rounded on Jane Fonda for suggesting that women should try to stay young to attract men. Fonda said that men are “very visual”, but Greer responded: “Jane, why not say older women want gorgeous boys? Men want younger women. So let them. There’s no shortage out there.”


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