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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Increasing Number Of Couples Now Using Surrogates To Have, Raise Baby

Describing it as an increasingly popular option for those seeking to start a family, a report released Wednesday by the University of Washington found that a growing number of couples are choosing to use a surrogate to have and raise their baby.

“According to our research, more and more couples are seeking out surrogates to carry their child to birth and then to continue looking after it from infancy through adolescence,” said lead researcher Megan Tooley, adding that many parents look for a non-smoking, non-drinking surrogate who is in good health and who also possesses positive values and personality traits that can be instilled in their child over the next 18 years. “Parents will often spend considerable time vetting a surrogacy candidate’s age, lifestyle, genetic predisposition to disease, complications during previous pregnancies, finances, place of residence, disciplinary style, and school district.

Once they’ve made a selection, they’ll typically check in with their surrogate at key points throughout the pregnancy, birth, and childhood until their son or daughter has grown into a young adult.” Tooley went on to note that in many cases, surrogates often become too attached to the child and have difficulties giving it up after carrying it to term, raising it, and then sending it off to college.


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