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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mum-to-be “planned to sell baby to gay friend”

A Scottish court has heard that an expectant mother concocted a complex lie to convince her partner she had terminated her pregnancy in order to “sell her baby to her gay friend”, reports the Daily Record.

Perth Sheriff court heard evidence that suggested the woman, aged 29, had hoped to make between £100 and £300 for the sale of her unborn baby, although no money in fact changed hands.

The jury was told that the mother had advised her ex-partner that she had had an abortion, and then used facebook to create a fake profile of a lesbian lawyer purporting to be the baby’s surrogate mother.

The mother had initially claimed she had no involvement with this page, and when interviewed by police had insisted that the baby was the product of a drunken night with her gay friend, who is also on trial, on his birthday in April 2010.

After further questioning, this claim was shown to be improbable as her child had been born full-term in February 2011 – ten months after the time of the supposed conception. At this point the woman admitted the baby was likely to have been fathered by her ex-partner. DNA tests proved this to be the case.

The woman and her co-accused then, it is alleged, deliberately duped the girl’s biological father from knowing he had a child by registering both of their own names on the birth certificate. The court heard that the gay man had wanted his own children and that the couple had put together the plan.

Both admit to having signed the register but claim it was only subsequently that they realised that the woman’t former partner was, in fact, the biological father.

The mother is alleged to have told her former partner that she had terminated her pregnancy before setting up the fake facebook profile of a surrogate mother for the male accused.

Furthermore, it is claimed she was able to persude her ex-partner that the child was not in fact his but that of a surrogate mother known as Clare Green, and that her co-accused had full custody of the child.

Police became involved when the father eventually became suspicious of the gay man’s story, and began a civil court case to apply for a DNA test – which concluded that the girl was in fact his “terminated” daughter.

The couple are alleged to have deliberately misled the child’s biological father, the registrar, the NHS and council officers over a period of three years.

Both the 29 year old woman and her 35 year old friend deny carrying out the fraudulent scheme to falsely obtain parental rights, and the woman denies having done anything for financial motivations. They cannot currently be named for legal reasons.


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