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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Perry Hall Mother's Day Superstar: Angie McQueeney

My mom was a single mom when my brother and I were growing up. She had to work numerous jobs to make ends meet. She would always have less to make sure my brother and I had more. All while doing this, she never really let on to how tired she was. My mom is the most selfless woman I have ever known. She always makes sure her children and family are happy before herself. She taught us that having friends and memories were more important than having money.

Two years ago, my mother lost her sister and her mother exactly one month apart. My grandmother died from ALS and my aunt from Leukemia. Two of her biggest fans were gone. She could have gotten mad at the world, but instead, she made sure me, my cousins and the rest of the family only got closer. She has taken on becoming a surrogate mother to my two cousins (who were already like children to her). She has since taken on being the head of our family, all while again, putting everyone before her.

My mom has taught me honesty is the best policy, being positive and happy is much easier than being negative and when you go over the bridge into Ocean City, you roll your windows down, honk your horn and cheer! Because after all, how fun is life if you don’t stop to enjoy it once in a while?


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