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Monday, May 4, 2015

Surrogate mum: “I feared for my baby after her new parents neglected her – but I couldn’t get her back

When Josie* made the incredible decision to become a surrogate, she could never have guessed her good deed would turn into a nightmare.

Like hundreds of women in the UK, mum-of-one Josie wanted to help other couples have children.

But sadly, her surrogacy experience ended bitterly when, just days after giving birth, she visited the new family to find the baby, Aimee*, hadn’t been fed or changed.

Worried for Aimee’s safety, Josie refused to sign a parental order – which would legally transfer her right as mother to the intended parents – and launched a bid for custody.

Shockingly, after going through the family court, Josie discovered the couple had lied about their background – they’d told her they had three children, but she discovered they’d also had another three children, now grown up, who’d been taken into care more than 20 years ago.


Josie was horrified, but to make matters worse, the court ruled she couldn’t adopt Aimee because it would be "emotionally damaging" for her five-year-old daughter.

Aimee has since been adopted by another family.

Full-time mum Josie, 28, says: “Finding out the parents lied to me was devastating, I felt betrayed.

"I’d put my trust in them and felt it was my fault Aimee hadn’t been taken care of properly.

"I’ll never be a surrogate again, there need to be stricter regulations and laws brought in to make background checks on intended parents compulsory to ensure the child is going to be safe.”


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