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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Colorado native expecting third child via surrogate

Three kids, all born using three separate surrogates. It sounds like a reality TV show, but it's actually a real-life family! Colorado-native Sarah Levine and her husband Eric wanted a family, but struggled with fertility.

Now they have a growing family and quite the story to tell.

"It's almost like I'm babysitting for someone," said surrogate Jessica Troy.

Troy is expecting a baby that isn't her own. In just a few hours, the surrogate mother will be induced at North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton to deliver another woman's baby.

"It's not our first surrogacy so I've been down the road before, and you would think that would make me calmer but it's not," Levine said.

Sarah Levine is a Denver native but these days she lives in Paris, France. Sarah and her husband Eric always knew they wanted a big family.

"What we really dreamed of was two or three children. That's what we had discussed when we first started dating," she said.

Sarah was going through in vitro fertilization -- or IVF -- when she discovered even more devastating news.

"During that work-up of finding out some of the reasons for my infertility, we found that I had endometrial cancer so I had to have a hysterectomy," she said

So began Sarah and Eric's journey through surrogacy. Their first baby was carried by certified nurse and midwife, Aimee Melton.

"I feel proud. I gave her this gift of motherhood," Melton said.

"Aimee, our first surrogate, was a colleague of my sister's. Then my sister offered to be our surrogate for the second one and then she offered to find somebody else for a third," said Levine.


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