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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Perez Hilton Welcomes a New Daughter Into Family

Perez Hilton is going to have twice as much love this Father's Day.

The gay media maven recently welcomed Mia, a baby girl, into his family. Mia was born around 5 weeks ago through a surrogate mother, reports the Associated Press.

Mia joins her older brother, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, who was born February 16, 2013, also via a surrogate mother and an egg donor.

The 39-year-old blogger raises the siblings with the help of his mother and a nanny in New York City.

Currently single, Hilton said he "didn't want to worry about a relationship of mine interfering with the happiness and well-being of my children" and "that every day is Father's Day for me."

He also won't allow baby Mia out in public until she receives her two-month shots, because he is "pro-vaccination" and a "very cautious parent."


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