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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1st IVF with 3rd-party donor eggs carried out in Japan

In vitro fertilization treatment using third-party eggs has been carried out for the first time in the nation, a nonprofit organization promoting fertility treatment through egg donations said Monday.

Egg donations in the country had previously been limited to between sisters or friends.

The latest case involved two couples. Eggs provided free by two donors were used for combining with sperm from the husbands of two women in their 30s suffering premature menopause, the Oocyte Donation Network (OD-Net), based in Kobe, said.

After monitoring the donors for about six months for symptoms of infectious diseases, the fertilized eggs, which have been frozen, will be transferred to the two wives as early as this year.

The two donors are in their 30s. They were selected from a number of applicants.

The ethics committee of the Japanese Institution for Standardizing Assisted Reproductive Technology gave its go-ahead to the third-party egg donations before the end of April this year.

After the approval, a fertility clinic, a member of OD-Net, administered ovulation-inducing drugs to the two donors, in order to collect multiple eggs from them, carried out in vitro fertilization using these eggs and the husbands’ sperm, and froze the fertilized eggs.

For this kind of fertility treatment, OD-Net sets conditions, such as allowing any children born as a result to get information about the donors in the future.

OD-Net matched up third-party egg donors with a total of 23 couples facing fertility problems. Of them, 13 couples stopped short of receiving egg donations due in part to family opposition to the conditions set by OD-Net, while eight couples are moving forward with the procedures to implement in vitro fertilization using donor eggs.

One of the two couples who received third-party egg donations said, “We cannot thank the donor enough.”

“We were most concerned about the physical burden for the donor,” the couple said. “Now, it’s our turn to work hard.”


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