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Monday, August 3, 2015

All Bark, No Brains: The View Talks Gay Weddings, Canine Groomsmen and Surrogacy

July 31st marked The View’s 7th annual “Mutt Show.” And according to co-host Raven-Symoné, gay former boy-band star Lance Bass was the “perfect guest to have” because Bass and his “husband” have 3 dogs.

“And they were your bridal party?” Symoné queried. (‘Wedding party’ might have been the better term, Raven, as there is no bride, but then again, weddings have historically required a bride as well...) “I was so excited that all my dogs could make it to the wedding,” Bass answered, “because my dream was to have my dogs walk down the isle.” Oh, goodness.

Later in the interview, Symoné announced, “Let me just talk and give you props that you were the first gay couple to get married on American television…that’s amazing.” A thunderous applause from the audience ensued. “It was very, uh, very special to be a part of that history…you know, we got to show the world a very loving story that I think people needed to see.”

“Ahh, you were so in love,” co-host Rosie Perez gushed, recollecting the 90-minute “historical wedding” aired by the E! channel.

Then “conservative” co-host Nicole Wallace chipped in. “You guys are obviously still very much in the honeymoon phase, but I saw your dog family, were you guys thinking of expanding to the two-legged variety?”

“Oh, definitely,” Bass answered. “That’s the one thing that I love about my husband is, you know, we had that conversation when we first started dating—kids, cause, I want to be a father. He would be the best, best dad ever. Uh, so, you know maybe three or four years, you know, not right now.”

“If you need a surrogate, I’m here,” co-host Michelle Collins piped in.

Yes, friends, tune in next week for more intelligent discussion on The View.


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