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Monday, September 7, 2015


Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting a second child and if the latest reports are to be believed then it is through a surrogate. Read on to know more details.

According to In Touch magazine, the 33-years-old singer is sorting out the possible surrogate as she and her husband add to their family. Beyonce’s first daughter, Blue Ivy, was born 3 years ago and now the couple seemed to be eager to have a younger brother or sister for Blue. According to an insider, the power couple are in the process of having a baby through a surrogate.

In her documentary, “Life is but a Dream,” the singer said that thinking of having a baby via a surrogate is indeed a tough decision, but ever since she suffered from a miscarriage she stills feels very hard to carry a baby again.

“They were trying for several months, but BeyoncĂ© was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision for them,” the insider added.

According to, the couple did not want to take any more risk. After their legal documents were finalized by their lawyer, the couple took another two months to find the perfect woman who would carry their child. When someone asked to know more about the surrogate mother, the insider said that she is in the early stages of her pregnancy, so no one is making any official announcement.

Is the Baby to Save their Marriage?

Ever since the reports of Jay Z’s infidelity started to surface online, it started to look that their marriage was in trouble and since then Jay Z has been pushing Beyonce to have another baby with a hope that the child will bring them closer together.

At the same time, the singer is really very much concerned about Beyonce’s health. That’s why he does not want her to go through any risk. All that Jay Z wants to make sure is to ensure everything to go as smoothly as possible. Either way, fans just hope that they continue to work on their marriage.


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