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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"I feel sexy when pregnant, but I'm giving it up to lose weight" says surrogate mum who doubled in size

The woman who has had three children as a surrogate and two of her own wants to give up the deep fried haggis and junk food to get back to a normal weight

One woman decides to give up being a surrogate so she can get back to her pre-wedding weight as part of Channel 5's Supersized season.

Jenn got married four years ago to husband Justin, but her vocation as a surrogate mother has led her to pile on weight.

After giving birth to three children for other people and two of her own she wants to change for her family's sake.

She says: "When I'm pregnant I feel really sexy. I feel on top of the world, just generally glowing and really pretty.

"I really need to lose the weight for myself and for my family."

But her love of fatty food - such as deep fried whole chickens, deep fried burgers and deep fried haggis - has held her back from losing weight.

Even though she has gone up four dress sizes in the four years they've been married, husband Justin thinks their sex life is just fine.

"I don't think this has affected our sex life at all. I'm quite confident with my husband.

"Not to brag but there's absolutely nothing wrong with our sex lives. It's quite nice to go to work and get a rest sometimes," jokes Justin.

The documentary, Skinny Brides to Fat Wives, follows several women who have almost doubled in size since they got married.

The men in their lives love them no matter what, but the women are striving to get back to a smaller version of themselves.

It's a funny but touching account as the women try their hardest to inject some romance back into their lives by losing the weight they see as a problem.

Michelle's husband Andy is straight to the point about his wife's weight gain: "I know she's put weight on, its been a gradual thing. You buy a car don't you, you don't expect it to look the same in 10 years."

She uses a sexy photo shoot to spur her weight loss on but comes to the realisation: "You don't need to be skinny to be sexy," before adding about her husband's earlier comment, "He may have bought an Audi, but he's driving a Ferrari now."

The women use different methods to get to their weight goals, but it's a long hard slog - especially with so many temptations along the way.


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