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Monday, September 21, 2015

My mum gave birth to my son

Antonietta Di Maggio 53, is the proud gestational surrogate for her daughter who was born without a uterus.

Claudia Luca was born without a uterus.

Speaking on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes she said she felt something was missing and she wanted a baby.

After exhausting all her options her mother offered to act as a surrogate.

"I said Claudia, I will carry your baby for you. I will do it for you," she told 60 Minutes.

Claudia said she was scared the whole time as she didn't want anything to happen to her mother, who is over 50.

Karl Stefanovic, who reported the story, said it was a risky pregnancy.

“Medically it would have been more difficult and there would have been more risks," he told

“She risked her health for her own daughter.”

It had been 27 years since Mrs Di Maggio last gave birth when she became pregnant with her grandson.

“This is one of the most beautiful stories that I’ve ever done," said Karl.

"This mum is an amazing person and so strong and it’s an emotional story because Claudia has been through hell.”


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